We need the right people, places, collections, funding, policies and technologies, together with a planet that is in better shape for the future. We are all working towards this at local and national levels. Through IFLA we can build on our achievements and make our contribution to the global movement.

How are we going to achieve this?

  1. How can we work as a federation to drive membership of our library associations to ensure financial sustainability? I want to explore how we can increase membership of IFLA as well as our national associations through a global campaign.
  2. How will libraries fight funding cuts, when governments will still be recovering from the impossible burden of COVID-19? I want to lead IFLA to develop a high-level business case for investment in libraries to achieve digital inclusion and to combat misinformation, leading to better social and economic outcomes.
  3. How will individuals ensure their professional status is recognised and valued? I want us to think about how IFLA may be able to do more to support the profession as we grapple with a very different working environment, and the necessity for a broad range of skills and capabilities to deliver relevant services.
  4. How will we use the lessons learned through COVID-19 to strengthen IFLA? I am excited by the opportunity to activate our annual congress as both onsite and online experiences. For many of our colleagues travel costs preclude attendance at WLIC. Let’s explore how we can deliver an inclusive and economically sustainable global conference.
  5. How can we work together to make the planet a better place? It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the environmental damage, but as individuals I know all of us care deeply about the future for our families, children and grandchildren. As librarians we can make our voices heard through IFLA as one of the groups advocating for global action on the world stage. 
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